Ms-python Black Formatter not working?

Hello Cursors!

I’m enjoying trying out cursor with a Python project. I’m loving. it. Thank you very much!

The ms-python Black Formatter extension (the one with 2.2M downloads) seems not to work. Worked fine in regular vs code. Not a big deal, but I just got addicted to the auto-formatting.

I tried with the pre-rel v2024.1.10331006, and the rel v2024.0.0

Anything in particular to change or do? Happy to try something.

Version: 0.24.4
VSCode Version: 1.85.1
Commit: 1174f14681896d40a3d4e622344bddb40c086230
Date: 2024-01-29T20:09:58.730Z
Electron: 25.9.7
ElectronBuildId: undefined
Chromium: 114.0.5735.289
Node.js: 18.15.0
OS: Linux x64 6.5.0-15-generic

Hi! I’m having the same problem

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Same problem here as well… Using latest version:

Version: 0.33.4
VSCode Version: 1.86.2
Commit: 2dd5b2855ac68f3a3d3babee87d22b399a9db7d0
Date: 2024-05-11T02:05:08.197Z
Electron: 27.2.3
ElectronBuildId: undefined
Chromium: 118.0.5993.159
Node.js: 18.17.1
OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.22631

It seems like something detects file changes, as in the Output window log for Black Formatter I can see ‘textDocument/didChange’ when I type, but it seems like it just never sends commands to reformat? I.e. I can change the file to something which should trigger a reformat, save it, and nothing happens except for the didChange events:

2024-05-18 14:14:11.640 [info] Global settings received on server:
    "cwd": "/vscode/cursor-server/bin/linux-x64/2dd5b2855ac68f3a3d3babee87d22b399a9db7d0",
    "workspace": "/vscode/cursor-server/bin/linux-x64/2dd5b2855ac68f3a3d3babee87d22b399a9db7d0",
    "args": [
    "path": [],
    "interpreter": [],
    "importStrategy": "fromEnvironment",
    "showNotifications": "always"

2024-05-18 14:14:11.640 [info] sys.path used to run Server:
2024-05-18 14:14:11.643 [info] /app/src/venv/bin/python -m black --version
2024-05-18 14:14:11.643 [info] CWD formatter: /app
2024-05-18 14:14:11.740 [info] Version info for formatter running for /app:
black, 24.4.0 (compiled: yes)
Python (CPython) 3.12.2

2024-05-18 14:14:11.740 [info] SUPPORTED black>=22.3.0
FOUND black==24.4.0

2024-05-18 14:16:32.309 [info] [Trace - 2:16:32 PM] Sending notification 'textDocument/didChange'.
2024-05-18 14:16:33.631 [info] [Trace - 2:16:33 PM] Sending notification 'textDocument/didChange'.
2024-05-18 14:16:36.539 [info] [Trace - 2:16:36 PM] Sending notification 'textDocument/didChange'.
2024-05-18 14:16:43.330 [info] [Trace - 2:16:43 PM] Sending notification 'textDocument/didChange'.