My experience so far: interpreter chat and context awareness

Hello guys :slight_smile:
first time here, love this app, im doing my master thesis where im doing similar stuff and im so happy to learn and test out all the capabiities. im making this post for multiple reasons, for new beginners, advice and open for discussion. i also might have found a new bug, when i select code, press chat… use the chat then try to use chat with advanced context aware settings and it keeps using the top message as input, which is the selected code from the start.

My Experience has been positive but i can clearly see the potential to do more, im thinking of processing my projects as a graph first and giving to gpt 4 to try make it understand the relations between the code base and edit the code based on that… what do you guys think?

What i found to be nice:
Editing simple and can directly get the AI down to the text level and step by step.
Somewhat good understanding of the code base from the AI, definitely way better than providing everything as text and wishing for the best previously.
I love it being integrated with VSCode, makes things way easier.

What i found to be getting in the way:
Sometimes i have to click on the green or red button (accept or not) when i do the edits myself?
i don’t understand the functionality of the review tab and whats to be done there
I wish we had more tokens available (i have both pro subscription and chatgpt key available). i would really love to test it intensively.

Thank you very much please leave tips, recommendations, advice, thoughts :slight_smile:

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Nice thanks for the detailed feedback.