My feedback and thoughts

Hi there. There are few things I wanna say here.

  1. I’m using cursor for about two months now. Before that I could barely make a single python script in gpt. And now I’m building ai tool hub and already made an automation app for a client, it does exactly one fulltime job (fortunately no one got fired lol). I never thought learning coding might be such a great fun (I like riddles, puzzles and stuff). This is my nr 1 tool now.

  2. I can’t make interpreter mode actually work, it tries to use wrong paths and I have no idea what to do with that. EDIT: Ok, I forgot I need to update VSC as well. It’s all good now. Oh wow, now we are talking. That’s entirely new level! Daaaamn!

  3. GPTs sometimes can be really frustrating, very often it gives me already existing code as a modified one and can be really stubborn with that. I would appreciate any tips how to avoid that.

  4. Since I don’t have any experience, I figured that I should start every project with detailed functions overview, a general structure plan and some info about python version and basic packages. I put all that in readme file with other instructions and guides. I refer to this file very often and also keep updating it (I asked in rules for ai to update along with code changes). This works very well, not only helps me get better idea how it all works but also and foremost it makes gpt do much better job at creating new code (rather than messing up the existing one).

  5. This is freaking awesome text editor btw. I’m using it now instead of obsidian, word, I write emails in it, ideas, well - simply everything.