New GPT-4o-128k

First of all, the addition of the new GPT-4o-128k and Gemini-Flash-500k models requested by users, as well as features like “GPT-4o in Interpreter Mode,” gave me a lot of hope. It’s great that the company listens to its users. I’m happy to see this successful application continue to improve itself in this way.

Actually, my question is that I’m considering an annual membership and therefore wanted to get answers to a few questions:

  • Do you think you can maintain these features at these costs? (I currently spend $40 per month on ChatGPT Plus and Claude Pro memberships :frowning: )
  • What is the current context length of the Claude-3-Opus or other models in normal chat?
  • Is GPT-4 active, because its responses are very similar to GPT-4o?
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GPT-4 and 4o are 20k in chat(assuming less in inline edit) GPT-4o in Long Context Mode 😉 - #9 by rishabhy

The rest are likely 10k Why are the models on using your own keys so much better? - #6 by arvid220u

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