New PR Review Feature

I just updated cursor and started using the beta PR Review Feature. It isn’t great right now. I would say it suggested 20+ bugs and only one of them was a bug, and the rest were just dead wrong.

Very common were the following false Positives:
“The variable xyz is being redeclared here. It was already declared and used in the previous part of the code.”
“The bug in this chunk of code is that it’s trying to reassign the xyz which is a constant”
“The function xyz in the chunk of code is not properly declared. It should be declared with the const keyword as it is in the original file.”

It also told me that I was missing braces a few times on my code (I wasn’t).

The way I feel about the PR feature is that something very valuable for me (and more basic) would be just the ability to ask questions to only the files in the PR diff. This bug PR review would be helpful, but it really needs to work. At present takes more time than it saves.

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Appreciate the report and totally fair. For context, right now, the AI review optimizes for lowering the false negative rate at the cost of lots of false positives.

What language are you using? Part of the problem could be how we’re chunking up your code to send to the AI.

Hey. Yah so his was in typescript. Having used gpt-4 a lot, the sort of errors it was making seemed unusual like it was missing context or even not getting the correct LOCs.

Found 3 (older) bugs thru it, so thanks!

It does not seem to have project context, thus warning a lot about declarations from elsewhere.

In my case flutter/Dart