Next.JS App Router

Hello! Are there plans to train cursor on the new Next.JS App Router?


This feels quite important but unfortunately gpt4 is trained on so much nextjs its a bit hard to force it to forget that. we have it on top of our minds th.

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In the meantime, you could just use @doc and import the latest docs to get details on app router. This is what I do.

also ChatGPT always confused how to use the new NextJS module
it always does like this <Link><a href="">link</a><?link> no matter what i tell it.

I gave it instruction in the settings:
“For linking do not use <a> tags, use NextJS Link component, do not use <a> tags inside Link component! hrefs should be inside Link component!”

but it’s not listening :slight_smile:

@olegdater Try putting this into your “Rules for AI” prompt:

Never put a child <a> HTML element inside a NextJS Link component. The href must be an attribute of the Link component itself. Example: "<Link href="/">Back to home</Link>" You must follow this rule at all times.


thanks! updated the rules :slight_smile: