How do you know what version of official docs are installed

For the preinstalled docs, do they stay regularly updated? How do you know when they were added to/by cursor team?

For instance, do the NextJS “Official” docs that were prebundled with cursor know about nextjs14? or are they older?


They seems to be older since they use references that are no longer available

Like next/router

The version is based on whether you are using ChatGPT-3 or 4, any docs and information on how to use stuff is pulled from Chat-GPT. I had a issue recently where it was writing python code that wouldn’t run on my latest version of installed python, so just asked it what python version it knew was the latest which led me downgrading my python version and the library I was using and it then worked perfect.

Hopefully Chat-GPT 5 or integrations with other providers such as Google’s gemini or open source models like Mistrals 8x7b will lead to more up to date information being provided and advised. Praying the devs provide integration with LLM’s soon through something like ollama :pray:

Doesn’t seem like they’re getting automatically updated. I would reindex them just to make sure.