Getting Killed with GPT4 Calls due to my error?

Hi all… sorry if thus has been discusses before i tried searching but could not find.

Im a student dev and love using cursor but the API calls are killing me and not sure if im using right

Ive indexed (i think) my github repo and it shows a greenbar. for my current workspace and also my github workspace but the title still says "You have not indexed any code yet"

  1. Why does it show my gitHub Repo here is i have not indexed any code yet ?

  2. I assume the “index” is a vector db of the repo or any folder/directory you choose?
    When i as just ask a question in “Chat” it looks at the file and assumes makes a call to API?

if i use “With Codebase” will it still make the same call/cost or is it less expensive to use that the “Chat” only option?

Essentially i just want to answer a question using the current code in my project using ChatGPT4 for the least expensive way possible… which i though would be though embeddings/“Chat with codebase…” but not sure.

Is there a tutorial for this?

  1. Im still a free user but considering pro however ive noticed that in Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor

It says i get 50 requests per day… but the number never changes… so its not free?
My IDE is linked to my account and i make a bunch of calls but the 50 request number never changes.
gpt-4 You’ve used no requests out of your 50
slow requests quota.

How do i use these free requests?

  1. Ive noticed the questions i asked GPT4 through cursor Chat often hang or just fail or even keep repeating the same wrong answer (which i probably get charged for =(. ) but if i copy the exact same question/code to ChatGPT plus window (using GPT4) its able to answer my question correctly. This is happening quite frequently recently. Is this normal?

What am i doing wrong?