Quit Chatgpt for this. Loving it!

Just wanted to say I appreciate everyone at Cursor. I quit Chatgpt yesterday and went Cursor Pro. Superb stuff. I know that there is some issue with indexing as of Nov 9, 2023 but I’m doing copy pasting the code files ( private mode on ) and it’s really good. I fixed a bunch of bugs in my WebUI tool in one day and I’m already ahead of schedule to demo my tool at work. Heh. I’m automating myself out of a job but that’s my problem to fix.

I feel like it hallucinates lesser than ChatGPT Plus when it comes to multiple code files ( JS, CSS, Python, HTML ) in one prompt.

I suspect there will be some point in the future (2024/25 ) where screenshots will be accepted as inputs? That’ll be great.

Wishing you all the success :smiley:


Loving your post of support!, I’m not a cursor dev(not for now haha) but relate to it speeding up workflow at work but this will make them happy to read!

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Thank you! Btw the indexing issue is now fixed with the new 0.14.1 update.

Consider releasing the version of the packages that people commonly index , so they know it’s updated based on x date and not have to download their own copy of index.

E.g. NextJS 14 / App Directory shouldn’t index pages documentation.

This will save you bandwidth and resources too

I did the 0.14.1 update and restarted cursor. It’s stuck at 0.3%. Though I should say I put a LOT of directories in cursorignore file and it’s still stuck at 0.3%.

@IWelcomeAIOverlords Have you tried restarting the indexing process?

Yep. I am currently at 0.15 version of cursor. I did a pause index and I also deleted the index entirely and then began again. It’s now been running overnight and It’s currently at 3.5%.

I’ll say that I have like 500 files. Could that be the reason why indexing takes so long? May I know the limit of files that it can index?