Paid is way slower than the free tier

I just paid the 20 today cause i really enjoyed using cursos. However after paying its way way slower than it was before. I was so gassed to pay but im disappointed. Id never had ai this slow in the free tier not even once.

Hi @kezdetphia,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing slowness in Cursor. Which feature are you experiencing this with? Or just all AI features in general?

Yeah its the ai features. But today is much faster. Dont know why it fluctuates like that.

Same is happening for me today.
My usage still has room but request takes long time.
It even fails sometimes.

My network is fast enough.
I rebooted my Mac as well.

Also im not too sure but yesterday my mac was so slow like ive never experienced it being slow at all like ever. Yesterday i couldnt even move the mouse normally. So i updated the macos and then i was good. But then it happened again today. I checked activity monitor nothing was using my mac heavily.

So im wondering whether its cursos cause like i said it nevr happened before and cursos is the only new app im using on
My mac.