Payment ! with PayPal

please anyway to pay using PayPal because we have many problems with bank visa.
please help to pay with PayPal

Probably not for now.

I’d like to second this request. I just attempted to become a paying customer and realised that the only way to pay is to use Stripe’s Link. I do not want my card details saved by more companies than needed, and PayPal has been working just fine for me for years.
I appreciate Cursor may have their own financial reasons, but I don’t think I will subscribe until a payment method that I’m comfortable with becomes an option.
Great product by the way, looking forward to being a customer.

I believe this is only possible for UK, Switzerland, and some EU-based companies for stripe:

As soon as available in the US, we’ll support this.

Sorry, but I don’t understand. I’m not going to buy Cursor subscription for a business. I am based in the UK and I’m asking to use PayPal for for a Pro license for my personal use.

Sorry. I meant that we use stripe for our payments processing, and they do not support PayPal at the moment.

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