"Problem reaching OpenAI" error on a local model with overriden base URL

I’m using a local model (on localhost) and I have overriden the base URL in the settings. The Verify API key button works well (and I can see that this request is sent to my model on localhost), so everything seems to work fine (and the OpenAI API Key button is activated and green).

But when I try to use the chat, I get an error message “Problem reaching OpenAI”.

Also, when I tried to inspect the request with Mitmproxy, it reveals that the request is sent to api2.cursor.sh, not to localhost.

The override base url must be publicly accessible as the request first goes to our backend servers for preprocessing

Ok. Thanks.

I thinks that’s worth mentioning in the UI. I spent almost one hour trying to debug this.

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Does this mean there is no way to run against a local model without internet access? I was not aware that every request is routed through a cursor server. Seems like something that should be mentioned in the UI when configuring which models to use…

I have OpenAI disabled yet I am still getting the “Problem reaching OpenAI” error.

Looks like so I was also trying to figure out how I can route cursor requests to local llm but there’s no option as of now. I hope they will support this in future.