Questions on Codebase Indexing and AI Note Feature in Cursor on Mac

Hello Cursor community,

I have a couple of questions about using Cursor that I hope you can help with:

  1. Codebase Indexing: I noticed there’s a “Compute Index” button that seems to be for manual indexing of the codebase, and there’s also an option to toggle automatic indexing. Could someone explain when it’s best to use manual indexing and what are the implications of turning automatic indexing on or off? I’m trying to understand the overall concept and best practices for using these features effectively.

  2. AI Note Shortcut on Mac: I’m also having trouble with the Shift+Hold shortcut for activating the AI Note feature on my Mac—it doesn’t seem to respond. Is this a common issue, or is there perhaps a different shortcut or specific settings for Mac users?

Thanks in advance for your insights and help!


Disabled by default.
CMD + Shift + P → Preferences: Open User Settings
search Ai notes or look under cursor

I agree it’s a little hidden, could be better placed in the regular Cursor Ai Settings. it also only works if you navigate the cursor to the symbol with a keyboard, not if you mouse click there, but it serves me right for being a mouse using peasant

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