"reCAPTCHA exceeds free quota" - Cannot log in

I am trying to install Cursor on a second laptop but I can’t log into my account.

The reCAPTCHA validation fails (the reCAPTCHA box is highlighted in red), and this notice appears below:

This site is exceeding reCAPTCHA Enterprise free quota.


Thank you for your report. We’ll fix this asap.

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I have the same problem. Can’t log in to manage my account, what means I can’t upgrade to pro version.

I tried on different browsers

@milosz-l Should be fixed. Are you sure you can’t log in because of a captcha?

It works now!

I had the same issue with captcha. It did not work on both Safari and Edge. Restarting these browsers did not help.

After your reply it still didn’t work, BUT restarting whole laptop helped and now it works :slight_smile:

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Same thing happened to me, can someone please help me fix this??

That’s a screenshot from a different site right? Are you getting this on https://cursor.sh?