Shortcut to close the ai sidebar

I currently use the shortcut Ctrl+L to open the AI sidebar, but there is no shortcut to close it. It would be convenient if I could close it by pressing Ctrl+L again.

You should be able to when you’re on a new chat! Let me know if this doesn’t work!

Thank you. It works. It seems it’s because I didn’t update Cursor.

The behaviour for Ctrl+L is not very intuitive IMO.
when chat sidebar closed: it opnes it - great
being on a new chat: it closes the sidebar - great
But already having content in a chat: it opens a new blank chat - not so great.

As a workaround I’m using Ctrl+Alt+B. It is VsCode default for toggling the secondary sidebar (which contains the AI chat). But it only works if the editor has focus and not the sidebar. But better than nothing…

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