[Solved] Add Claude 3 models

UPDATE: Claude support is shipped

I was wondering if Cursor has any plans to introduce new models, such a new

  • Claude 3 Haiku
  • Claude 3 Sonnet
  • Claude 3 Opus

they all have 200,000 tokens context and good benchmarks compared to GPT-4


Also interested in Claude 3


Also interested. Claude 3 Opus especially.


It will be more expensive than GPT-4.

Hearing great things about Claude 3 Opus. Would love to be able to use it


Hopefully very soon.

Use Openrouter.ai for now

I highly doubt we will get Opus due to the cost.

  • GPT-4-Turbo is $0.01 per 1k input tokens and $0.03 per 1k output tokens
  • Cloude 3 Opus is $0.015 per 1k input tokens and $0.075 per 1k output tokens

So 50% increase in input cost and 150% increase in output cost. If we ever get it I would guess it would be either with a new higher plan and/or less than 10k context like current GPT-4

I am much more exited about their upcoming Haiku model which would be $0.25 per 1 MILION input token and $1.25 per 1 MILION output tokens. i.e. $0.00025 per 1k input and $0.00125 per 1k output tokens.

According to their benchmarks, it’s supposed to be better than GPT-4 at coding. Combine that with 200k context would be insane.


For those of us that make money from our projects (not putting down those that don’t yet, just talking justification), it’s 100% worth it to pay the extra for Claude.

It has a WAY better understanding of Next JS 13/14 and the app router for example. The hours it would save make it worth every penny.

I almost have to stop using cursor over this issue, and I love cursor, it’s a game changer; but right now I’m copy/pasting from Claude more than using cursor.


Agreed, I’m already using my own API key to utilise gpt-4-0125-preview for updated training on certain docs and is paid off on the company card. Would love to see Claude model options regardless of the price. However given Cursor is funded by OpenAI, not sure if there are any agreements to only offer OpenAI services?


Apparently you can already do that Support local LLM's - #17 by deanrie


Would also love to see support to use Claude models with our own API key.

Because the Claude API is expensive, so I guess, if Claude is supported, it will be a new plan with higher price.

Would be great if we had the option to add and use Claude with our own api key.

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API key to cover claude 3 would be great. Some questions worth more resources to get it right.

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very much interested in Claude 3 Opus model, please add it in cursor.


@Jakob is cursor in any way tied to only using openai models?

@Taidan No, as far as I know.

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Yes, with the api from openrouter.ai, Claude 3 can be used; however, the image inputs seem to be not functioning properly. It is very expensive too.

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Has anyone actually compared claude to chatgpt head to head on a project? I am starting to look into that today for my next mini project… and gemini too