[SOLVED] no Copilot++ suggestions?

All of a sudden, Copilot++ doesn’t make suggestions. Copilot++ is currently active, even if I restart or reinstall Cursor. I currently have a Pro subscription.

Sorry about this. We are working very hard to fix it. Will let you know when it’s working.

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Should be fixed - does it work for you now?

By the way, thanks so much for reporting it!

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Yes, it’s working again. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

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I have a minor problem now with Copilot++. When I accept an amendment then it add an empty line 3 or 4 lines down after the amendment.
It is not an issue but I don’t understand why!

The editor doesn’t work with any model, please repair.

“The editor doesn’t work with any model” - to be clear, is Copilot++ not working with any model?

Or is some other AI feature broken?

Do you remember if this started recently, or it’s been happening for a while?

Sorry about this.

We’re working on a fix right now.