Supplier assurance / onboarding support

Hi - my company is thinking of adopting Cursor as our IDE (in place of VSCode) - we need to go through a supplier assurance process before we can engage with any new vendors. I sent an email to the hello address a week ago, but haven’t had a response; is this the best way to engage the team behind Cursor? Or is there a better route for B2B communications?

I believe we are currently strapped with resources so replies might be a bit slow. as we hire more people we will be faster with requests there.

Thanks @sualeh - it is a little concerning reading similar forum posts, citing lack of resources and support for paying customers. Do you have any timelines for easing the situation? Obviously don’t want to start paying for something until we are confident that support is available.

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@sualeh - any news on this? I have chased via email; but still heard nothing back. Thanks