Unable to use GitLens Search & Compare

When I go to GitLens > Search & Compare > Compare References… > Select my references > Click on “9 Files Changed,” I’m unable to see the files changed and open the side-by-side view of the changes. I am able to do so in VSCode. The error in my bottom right corner

Extension ‘eamodio.gitlens’ CANNOT use API proposal: treeItemCheckbox. Its package.json#enabledApiProposals-property declares: but NOT treeItemCheckbox. The missing proposal MUST be added and you must start in extension development mode or use the following command line switch: --enable-proposed-api eamodio.gitlens. Note that the cursor and control proposals are only available for built-in extensions

I use this feature a lot to see my diffs and do code review. Would be great to be able to use it in Cursor. I have tried installing and uninstalling the extension.