Usage based pricing does not work

Hi all,

I’m a pro user and I’ve opted in to usage-based pricing with a test limit of 10$. However, I’ve gone past my 500 fast quota and now I’m getting queued for next requests, where I’d expect it to use the usage based pricing.

I’m using the claude-3.5-sonnet model.


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I have the exact same problem.

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Hi dev team, any updates on this point please?

The usage-based pricing is currently only for Claude 3 Opus and a few long-context models. For gpt-4 and claude-3.5-sonnet, you can increase your monthly request limit instead by clicking “change # of fast requests”

Apologies for the confusion here; we intend to transition everything over to the usage-based pricing.


Thank you for the response, I definitely +1 the feature request to transition all the models over! :slight_smile: