Way to remove added docs?

Is there a way to do this yet? Love this product!

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Why remove that amazing feature?

I’m trying to remove documentation that I added myself. Sorry for the confusion.

Me too. I can’t find a way to delete a doc I added myself

I’ve also been looking for this but can’t find it anywhere.

We certainly want to add support for this.

In the meantime, here’s a hacky fix. Be warned that it will clear away ALL of your docs:

  1. Clear all your local Cursor data by deleting the following folder:
  • Mac: rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Cursor
  • Windows: rd -r %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Cursor\Cache
  1. Close and reopen Cursor. You’ll have to redo the onboarding flow. You might want to reimport your VSCode settings.
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Thank you! Too scared to try that rn lol but just gonna wait. Not an urgent feature to include by any means imo

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Thanks @truell20!
By “ALL of your docs” you mean only personal added docs, not predefined docs, right?

And by the way, even an “update” (rebuild) Docs, for personal Docs, is necessary to me, since I’m working on a repository (w/docs) that is frequently updated.

Just personal docs.

This is good to know! Have marked it down on our roadmap.

I think you have probably already figured it out, but until this feature comes, you can add the same documentation again with an updated version name. Just tested it out myself

I’d like to stick my hat in the ring as I’d love to be able to remove some Docs.

I love the feature by the way. Absolutely love it.

If anyone’s interested I’ve created a python script to pretty much automate the creation of docs for Cursor- give it your url and it’ll scrape a website, chunk it up, give it to Open AI 3.5 Turbo to create a technical summary, create a file, give you an option to further reduce it if you want to, save that, then save it to my GH Repo, then add it to GH Gist, copy the Gist URL to the clipboard so I can then enter it into the cursor docs for any new tech that I want to get it to know.

I’m kinda proud of it, and you (the Cursor team) should be too, because I can’t code a lick, I did it all with Cursor. Implemented Timeouts, exceptions, .env files, multiple scripts, logs, the works. Over 1500 lines of code (I just got cursor to give me a script to count them :wink: )

I’m still working on read-the-docs type websites with buttons, but I’m happy with my progress!

Yes, I know that other than reduction of the volume of words this doesn’t do anything than just putting the url into Cursor can. I’m working on the next steps, but, heck, if you’re a better coder than me (low bar!), then maybe it’ll give you a leg up.

@JonL would love to see it! could you explain a little more, how is it different / useful from just entering the doc url directly into cursor?

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@JonL would also like to give it a try