What does @codebase actually do?

What does @codebase actually do? I’m asking in the prompt what the AI sees and everytime its saying it only sees src/index.ts when im referencing @codebase.

In the settings i’ve allowed it to index everything and index anything new that has been created. Although, nothing new has been created since i’ve enabled indexing.

I’ve tried referencing @src/ & using ctrl + enter to see if it can see anything more but it sees the same src/index.ts.

It should be able to see multiple subdirs of src/ and multiple typescript classes in those subdirs. If i reference the files directly it can be seen.

i’ve followed this Codebase Indexing - Cursor (even though this is outdated way to do things) and its just not working at all still.

Seems i’ve narrowed this down to being a remote issue. It works if the files are on my local machine not on my remote dev machine.