Not able to use @Codebase to search in all the files for the large codebase (> 15K)

I am using the @codebase functionality to review my complete codebase. My code is indexed but still, I am not getting the desired output, and the IDE outputs only a few files. It seems that all the files are not being reviewed. It seems a bug to me. Please verify

I have the same problem.
Well, my problem is that the files are not indexing…

Try increasing the “Number of results per search” and enabling the “Reasoning step”. That should improve the results.

@SymbolCodebaseAdvanced (1)

Hi Jakob,

Thank you for your helpful pointers. I’ve followed the suggested steps, and while they did improve the results, I’m still encountering issues with the tool not reading the complete codebase to provide the desired output. As a result, the certainty of the results remains a concern.

In particular, it would be immensely beneficial if the tool could provide results and offer a continue option to cover the entire codebase. With the present behavior, I cannot identify which files are not being scanned by the IDE.

I appreciate your continued support and look forward to any additional insights or suggestions you may have.

Best Regards