Codebase is not working properly

I have seen that there is currently a problem with indexing larger projects (which is my problem as well), but the main problem of this post is the following:

On a secondary machine that has an index of 100% @codebase is not working properly.
After typing @codebase and then selecting advanced and setting the search size - I use 400 and sometimes 1200, since the project contains about 450 files - the codebase function does not work at all. It responds that it cannot give me more information because it is an AI model and I should attach the file.

Cmd+Enter works within codebase responses, but it cannot be set to search for a larger number of files.
In the baseline when cmd+Enter is used I suspect it only searches around 40-60 files.

Enabling “Reasoning step” in the advanced codebase context settings might give you better results.


Thank you for your feedback, I will provide more information once I try it out.

o cem je tento projekt” means “What is this project about

Unfortunately, including reasoning steps did not help.
Indexing was successful, but I had to open and close the whole cursor more than 20 times.
In other words, it is a @codebase bug when it is not possible to read from the whole indexed project + a known indexing bug.
If you have any other ideas, I’m all ears.

as far as I see the problem is “Index: local” - if selected to local, it does not work, if selected to all it does.
Could you provide me more information about this function?
I used to use it as part of a larger privacy and it was never a problem before.