Codebase context awareness does not work until I "Delete Index"

I’ve indexed the codebase but none of it is actually used for context, but once the index has been deleted, it all works as intended. However none of the advanced @Codebase options work since it thinks nothing is indexed.

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If you delete the index, we fall back to bm25 search, which is slower and worse than the embeddings index.

What happens when you have the index enabled?

I can’t seem to reproduce the issue anymore. I would had just deleted the index and computed it again, this caused the issue I was having of codebase context not working. Restarting Cursor then fixed the issue. I was trying to get .cursorignore to work for my codebase and was pausing/deleting indexing trying to get it right.

The same thing is happening for me. When i delete the index, the ai chat searches the codebase and shows the files it is using when it is searching for context, but then when I “resync index”, the chat doesn’t look for any context, but still will pretend to search for context. During this, no files are shown like they normally are, and when it responds, it is clear that it has no context whatsoever. I have been dealing with this for awhile, and I am going to need a hefty refund. (And hopefully someone to help me solve the issue!)

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oh that sounds really bad. let me look through this carefully