What is the difference between 'GPT3.5 model' and 'Cursor-fast model'?

I want to clear that What is the difference between ‘GPT3.5 model’ and ‘Cursor-fast model’?

the Cursor-fast mode is faster and smarter? so why else would I choose the 3.5 model?

cursor-fast: a 3.5-level model that follows cmd-k format a little bit better

We finetuned cursor-fast to have similar speed to GPT-3.5 but with much higher accuracy.


This is taken from https://changelog.cursor.sh/

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Can you use cursor-fast without an OPENAI_API_KEY ?


Does Cursor-fast have any monthly limitation for the free plan? If so, how many queries?

it is same to gpt3.5, for pro user, it is unlimited

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