What is the right way to search for files by name in the file browser pane?

With PhpStorm I could start typing and it would take me to a matching filename. If I do that in Cursor, it enters text into the code window instead of the explorer pane.

I try Ctrl-F to find, but it brings up code find and not filename find.

Also, somewhat related, is there a “double shift” like feature compared with PhpStorm? That search was instant and powerful and I am missing it, but love Cursor otherwise.

Focus to chat input (Cmd-Y) and type ‘@’ and start typing

But I am trying to find (so I can open) a file amongst hundreds of files, in the file browsing pane on left side. Nothing to do with AI chat.

Did I misunderstand?

Cursor is a fork of VSCode, so any features in VSCode will work in Cursor. That being said, ctrl+P should be what you are looking for, which is a built in file quick navigation tool for VSCode.

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ctrl p