What keybinds should be used by default?

Hey all, first time posting here. Using Cursor for a few weeks. Didn’t know there was a forum :smile:

Many years ago, I imported Sublime Keymaps into VS Code (as I’m sure many others did), and then recently imported VS Code keymaps into Cursor - and am not able to get Ctrl +L or Ctrl + K to work properly.


So I did Ctrl Shift P to get Developer: Toggle Keyboard Shortcuts Troubleshooting in the integrated terminal.

I was able to get Ctrl+K = aipopup.action.modal.generate to work, but I’m not sure what Ctrl + L is supposed to be mapped to :thinking:

Any help would be appreciated!

i am a bit confused. what is the worry here? do you want to remap ctrl+L, ctrl+K to other shortcuts?

I’d like to keep ctrl+L, ctrl+K as the default behavior for Cursor.

ctrl + k works as expected, but not ctrl + L.

The screenshot shows several other commands that are not mapped, but I would like to properly map those. I just don’t know if they are blank becaue I imported Sublime Keymaps (long ago), and then imported VS Code keymaps :thinking: