Accidentally bought a whole year!

I love cursor, and I wanted to use it for my freelancing so I want to pay for it but I accidentally bought a whole year instead a month, I need a refund and then I’ll buy again monthly. I’ve sent a mail to the direction listed but got no response yet. Can anyone help me with this please?

So am I being ignored or…?

Have u emailed about the issue?
They are not replying email

I mailed to both hi@cursor and the founder and nothing yet.
Then I commented another post in here where someone reply but then nothing and posted this but I’m getting really disappointed with the customer service.

Hey! I believe I emailed you back, but please let me know which email you’re using if you haven’t gotten my emails!

Hi, Hi! I got this mail but nothing else. The mail I use is

Yup - I emailed you back yesterday and this morning! (on the account cancellation thread)

Weird. I checked spam but nothing. Anyway we are already here. I’m actually responding through email but I guess this is published on the forum, right?