'Add files' ignores all files in the .gitignore / Add Prompts

This may be desired as you wouldn’t want all the files to show in the node_modules directory, for example, but what I’m looking for is to have a directory of prompt files, which I can include within my request to chat GPT.

I don’t want to have them necessarily included in the Git repository as they would be specific to me. Unfortunately, if I remove the prompts directory from the Git repository by placing in the Git Ignore, then I can’t add the file into the request. Is there a way around this?

I have several files under prompts/ such as app.md, refactor.md, unit_test.md, e2e_test.md etc
The app.md file includes detailed instructions about the project and the standards / principles which I’d include in all requests. Then the others include info relevant to refactoring etc. This seems a good approach but if there was an ‘Add Prompt’ option which enables you to add Markdown that would be great!