Add local PDF via @Docs


Gotta say Cursor is blowing my mind!

It would be amazing if you could add a pdf that you have locally (I’m thinking of a paper) through Docs → Add new doc.

An extra plus if you could add a zotero library with lot’s of papers?



Yea, definitely. As a workaround for now, you could try adding the PDF file to your project folder and mentioning it in Chat by using ‘@’. Cursor can’t read PDF files yet, even if you mention them in Chat by using ‘@’.

Thank you @Jakob, I’ll use that workaround.


i’m having trouble getting cursor to read .pdfs, is this file type officially supported @Jakob ?

(if you aren’t already using it, i would recommend GitHub - Unstructured-IO/unstructured: Open source libraries and APIs to build custom preprocessing pipelines for labeling, training, or production machine learning pipelines. 's PDF processor.)

PDFs aren’t supported at the moment, but will note this down as a feature request.


Thanks! If you do go down this route, I can’t recommend Unstructured highly enough. (Will save a lot of headaches for your RAG system)

any updates on this ?

@ovived Unfortunately I don’t think so yet.

my new favorite is llamaparse (better than