"Add to Chat" button upon placing cursor over an error (image included)

I’d like to be able to add errors into ongoing conversations using a button like below.

I often run into the scenario where I’m working on a function with the AI, I copy-paste it into the editor, and then an error pops up on something, and then I want to fix it, but preferably with the context of the ongoing function-building conversation included in the prompt, so that I can be more confident that whatever solution the AI gives me is aligned with what I’m already doing.

Sometimes, errors also come up when I change other parts of the code, and in those cases I’d like to be able give the AI new information about my changes and intentions myself, before having it attempt a solution.

Currently I sometimes manually copy-paste the error, but that can be a bit annoying. Preferably, I’d like a button that just adds something like the following to the conversation:



Upon highlighting {{THING}}, we get the following error:



And then users could make further modifications from there if/as needed.

Also, thanks for allowing the conversation and inline-edit AIs to be separate models, I appreciate not having to pay attention to that stuff anymore.

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