Any plan for a $10 plan?


Since copilot is $10, I was thinking maybe a $10 with unlimited slow generation would be a good option.

Charging $20 a month is probably more carefully considered and probably costs more than Copilot. Also, Cursor doesn’t have a partnership with OpenAI like Microsoft does. Maybe.

If you think it’s expensive, you can consider using your own API-key so that the cost is completely under your control.

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Microsoft doesn’t have a partnership with Openai, Microsoft own Openai.

Where did I say that I think it’s expensive? I just said that a $10 plan would be a good option. You can also look at Cody, their plan is $9.

Using your own key would probably cost more, they have “slow generation” because they probably get discount on reserved capacity.

I apologize for my reply above, I meant that the pricing of $20 was probably based on cost factor considerations rather than trying to make more money.