I don't get it.. What is advantage to paying Cursor AI vs using a ChatGPT 4 key?

It seems to cost about the same ? what am I missing ?

Hmm. Yeah… doing a few hundred chats on Cursor Pro vs API key - they aren’t priced the same.

If the API key costs <= for your usage, feel free to use that :slight_smile:

Often people choose to subscribe to pro because it’s a cheaper (we have bulk OpenAI pricing) + there are some features we can only support on pro because they use custom models (faster diffs, Copilot++)


I just learned about copilot ++ so I guess thats the difference… It is like copilot but the autocompletion is better ? As far as cost Im not sure yet wat would be cheaper for me

In my opinion, I find Cursor AI cheaper option if ChatGPT is being used only for coding, based on my experience, the API key charged me more than Cursor AI when used a lot

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