Cursor subscription or openai api?

What is the advantage of paying for the course subscription instead of paying for the openai api?

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if you use a lot, the cost of using your own API key will be much more than $20 a month imo.
but you need to test and see what is your OWN use case.

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how exactly does cursor offer their services for so cheap


Ive been using cursor a few days. Using the Open AI key I’m up to about 15 USD already and have used it a “fair” amount but not too excessively. So I can certainly concur there paying 20 USD a month to Cursor is well worth it (and which I now do!).


I have just recently paid for GPT4 though OpenAI’s website, a decision I now deeply regret after discovering the API usage is accounted for different from the website’s usage, and also after reading the pricing benefits of paying for Cursor directly, I convinced.
Now my question is: When paying though Cursor, will I still have access to GPT4 though their website and other integrations (e.g. MacGPT) or is this license Cursor-only?

Like ChatGPT?
I don’t think so, its a totally different company

cursor only since you don’t get access to GPT-4 directly.

but he can use the chat. won’t be as clean as chatgpt but it still kinda works.

what do you mean by kinda? Is gpt4 in the chat not the same model as gpt4 in chatgpt? So as long you are using it mainly on your pc, it should be the same right?

i haven’t test it deeply so can’t really response.
you need to see how it is for you own use case.
you have to use this button to ask the question without using he context (current open file).
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