Any videos of people using Cursor?

I like it’s potential, but wondering if I’m using it right tbh.
My brain wants to use it like a pair-programming buddy.
But I find the responses are very verbose.
Is there a secret to getting it into that ‘next simplest thing’ mode?
And perhaps encouraging it to do a test before development etc…

Copilot ++ was really superior to GH Copilot so I decided to buy

Older video for the other features :

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This one should get you started

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Struggling to hear as he’s got a very loud clicky keyboard. I’ll have a look around for others. Whilst I can tell the AI to operate in a pair programming and concise way, it forgets this instruction when it comes to hitting from the terminal’s “debug with AI.” That seems to be the next aspect to conquer for me.

Also, sometimes, the terminal has a button “debug with AI” and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not sure how I can invoke that after a test run, if the button is not there.

id like a video as well for .NET dev… Just to see how other people are doing things… maybe I am not doing things the best way