Application gets stuck at login page on Apple M1 silicon machine

Not able to use it as the application gets stuck at login page on Apple M1 silicon machine.

This is bad! Would you be able to send a screen recording to

Just checking in again here. Is this still an issue?

Hi ,
Yes, still an issue. Attaching screenshot. The Log In and Sign Up buttongs do not work after coming to this screen and I can not go ahead.


What version of Cursor is this on? Do you mind uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version to see if this persists?

I tried uninstall and reinstall today , same issue

Mind sharing a screen recording walking through the onboarding flow? My email is

Haven’t been able to replicate on my end, but want to get this fixed!

I have the same issue. Any progress?

I have a very similar issue on my machine, and suspect it’s directly related to the above observed behavior: the link handling that occurs in the background is intentionally obscured from the end user. If anything goes wrong, the entire thing is just falls on it’s face and the end user is left scratching their head: Unable to log in · Issue #598 · getcursor/cursor · GitHub

My specific issue is clicking on any login button in cursor ai tries to open some kind of external browser link. Cursor ai does not reveal or allow the end user to access this, it’s just clicking a button and some kind of system call (that fails silently in the above cases, and fails in a slightly more visible fashion in my case.)

I’m lucky in my case that (even though I have Firefox installed) the cursor ai hidden url handling tries to field the URL with the wrong program. Good stuff :confused:

Having had to troubleshoot this with VSCode recently, I discovered that VSCode has a workaround for these incredibly shortsighted and ivory tower login login processes that expect X, Y, and Z to always be so easy and effortless and just work…and if the tiniest thing goes wrong in the house of cards, it fails completely and with zero recourse, as we’ve found here with cursor ai. Looks like it gives up after about a thousand failed requests, per the network logs (that warn me about CORS unhelpfully.)

VSCode, after seeing that the login process had stalled (endless failed requests), had a dialog box pop up in the bottom right that suggested alternative means of logging in. One of those alternative methods, I was able to interact with successfully using my perfectly functional browser, instead of failing silently.

Maybe the easiest fix would simply provide the user with whatever links are silently passed around in the background instead of a “button” (knowing that systems need to fail gracefully) along with a method to copy and paste authentication manually. “Having trouble logging in?” like this: Unable to login to github · Issue #77 · github/vscode-github-actions · GitHub

A better fix would be abandoning this entire trash-tier login process. Just because VSCode did it a certain way doesn’t make that way good, or even reasonable.

Long story short, this issue is almost certainly related to 1) cursor ai utilizing only the worst part of the terrible vscode login process and 2) cursor ai not implementing any backup login methods like vscode provides when the terrible process fails silently.

Looking at the event handler for the button using the debugging tools didn’t help much because I’ve only got a rudimentary understanding of how such things work. reading over the main.js file made me cut my eyes out of my head. In the cursor ai console , there is an that hits api2 dot cursor dot sh/auth/poll?uuid=… and gets a 404 in return, I assume as I’m not logged in.

It is amusing to see thousands of pointless requests stream out of my machine to this API in the network logs under debugging tools. Amusing in the “unfortunate, out of my control, and not my problem” kinda way. Looks to be about a thousand requests each time I click “Sign in” that culminate in…absolutely nothing visible to the end user without extensive digging.

Thanks I hate it.

cursor ai: you’re not going to see anything interesting in screen recordings, assuming that at any given moment end user application code is not the source (likely) and the API is functioning correctly (likely.) If you want to replicate this issue, try to log into cursor ai without a browser installed. “WhY dOeSn’T tHe uSEr hAvE a BroWSeR iNsTaLLeD?!?!” yeah guess what they do, but they’re left with the same exact problem and lack of solutions as simply not having a browser installed at all isn’t that funny :confused:

Personally, I like being emailed a short alphanumeric code to log in, the way microsoft does when I never remember my onedrive password. I can have mail open on a mobile device and just smash a few keys into an input form, boom done.

Sorry that I probably come across as a little cranky. Spent way too long digging over the forum and github and the internet in general trying to work around this.