Apply does nothing

My code file is currenly 350 lines. I want to apply a change that will probably only affect 100~ lines. The code in the sidebar chat is perfect, however when I click apply, it sits there for a couple minutes with the whole file highlighted, then stops.

I’ve also noticed that there seem to be two types of apply, one where it asks if it should apply in current file first (i’ve had the most issues with this one), and one that does it without asking (never had any issues with this one)

(Also doesn’t show the name of the file)

(Working one)
When I apply here, it is instant. I’m not sure if it is a model difference (first one is in opus and second is in cursor-small), but there definely seem to be two types of code UIs. There is also text to the side of the icons in the second one.

I’ve done some more testing and don’t think the ui has much of a factor and was likely chance that it happpend to work with a specific one. For some reason, the way that the code was generated in that one specific request doesn’t work well with the apply model.