Applying AI suggestion should only consider the latest message

When applying the suggestion from the chat, the AI applies previous suggestions coupled with the ones from the latest message. So, for example, you have a 10-message chat with AI, some previous suggestions were unsuccessful, you tell the AI to propose a different approach. It does so and when you click “Apply”, instead of applying only the latest suggestions, the AI seems to apply everything combined from the whole chat, resulting in previous wrong suggestions being mixed with the latest ones


2nd this, I lose a lot of time on this.

Workaround:new chat for each change. But you loose context, not really a solution.

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My personal preference would be that it uses whichever suggestions are included within or after the code snippet you click ‘apply’ on. So that way if you want to apply old suggestions, too, you can go back and click apply on an older code snippet. Or if you just want to use the most recent, you can click apply on the most recent. Currently, the apply behavior seems inconsistent. Generally, it will try to implement all suggestions regardless of which code snippet I click on. Sometimes when I click on an older snippet, it will disregard the newer suggestions, which is the exact opposite of the desired behavior I want (I would rather it implement suggestions inclusively, in reverse order).

Honestly, I would be fine with it working either way (including or excluding suggestions more recent than the one you click apply on) as long as the behavior was consistent. Right now it’s too unpredictable so I have to coax the AI into recapitulating the exact suggestions I want.