Autocomplete doesn't work this week

Hi there,
I’m using the latest Cursor with Claude and OpenAI tokens. Before this week Curstor worked as a Github Copilot: it suggested autocompletion while I was typing the code. It was super useful because it doesn’t require writing prompts and chatting with AI.

But this week the autocomplete doesn’t work for me. I tried to update everything, reboot everything, delete and add API keys back - no result.

Is there a way how I can debug it to give you more information so other users will not face this issue too?

Someone said that the autocomplete works only on full moon weeks. Don’t know if it’s true.

Yes it’s true :joy:

For me its just very slow and sometimes doesnt work too

Hey! Sorry about this. Do you have Copilot++ enabled in the bottom right?

If yes, could you paste the contents of the “Output” tab (next to the embedded terminal) when the “Copilot++” output stream is selected?

Thanks for the reply.

First of all, in my Cursor AI I didn’t have any bottom right line with Copilot++ button after an installation. If you don’t have this line too, you can enable it here:
View → Appearences → Status bar

Secondly, when I hover up to “Copilot++”, it says “Requires Pro (custom model)”.

But I inserted my own keys for OpenAI and Anthropic models.

When I open “Cursor Settings → Models”, I have all claude-* and gpt-4-* models enable, and in Features tab I have “Copilot++ enabled”.

When I open “Output → Cursor++”, I see only these log entries:

2024-04-22 11:54:58.014 [info] CURSOR LOG: Finished creating provider!
2024-04-22 14:09:57.026 [info] CURSOR LOG: Finished creating provider!
2024-04-26 15:37:22.639 [info] CURSOR LOG: Finished creating provider!

copilot++ you need Pro subscription.

But the code autocomplete worked earlier with my OpenAI and Anthropic keys. If that’s not possible anymore, I’d have to switch back to GitHub Copilot.

There is a limit with the free plan according to their pricing page: Pricing | Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor