Can I get a receipt after upgrading to Pro plan?

I am working for a company, so I want to make sure I can get a receipt if I upgrade to Pro.
Could you please confirm for me?

I know this is similar to
However, the above post does not explicitly state the answer to my question.
Thanks a lot.

Hi, ptlzon:

Based on my understanding, Cursor uses the billing services of, so the receipt should be issued by Stripe. You might need to inquire about this with Stripe.

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, inquire to another party outside Cursor can be problematic for me.

Can somebody with a Pro plan here helps me check if there is the option of printing the receipt, please?

Login on web and go to Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor and then click on ‘Manage Subscription’ which will take you to the Stripe invoice


Thanks a lot!