【4 users】paid for pro, but still on the free plan without a receipt

I have encountered some issues related to purchasing
I subscribed to the monthly plan for Cursor on the website, and I received a notification of credit card charge. However, when I logged in to the website to check my account information, it still shows the free plan
I don’t know where the problem occurred. Could you please help me confirm it as soon as possible?
What information do you need me to provide?

I’ve also got this issue. Have tried upgrading to Pro twice, paid twice, but it’s still on free plan.

Have you contacted the website staff to provide feedback on this issue? Have they given any response?

No not yet, I thought I’d try the forum first.

I am having the same issue. Tried upgrading with no success. I got a charge on my credit card, but no emails from stripe or cursor either.

I’m facing the same issue, my credit card is charged but no confirmation from cursor

Okay, now the number of victims has reached four. I have updated the topic of my post

this should work now!

Yes, I have confirmed my account information and the issue has been resolved
Thank you very much for your prompt handling and response

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i have the same trouble, i paid 20$ but it didn’t work.

could you help me handly

mind sending an email to andy@anysphere.co with the email you used to sign up?

Apologies about this, we had some server issues yesterday that impacted upgrading among other things.

@VinkySimon @ron @ODazai @ashutoshb09 @leidi3 If you or anyone else is still having this issue, please let us know.

If you haven’t already been refunded, can you ping your email to hi@cursor.sh? Certainly want to refund you for the trouble caused here.

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Thanks Truell, no dramas, I’ll reach out via email re. the double charge.

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Hi, @truell20

My account has already been upgraded, and I really like the Cursor software, so I don’t need to submit a refund request

Thank you for your help