Pro upgrade problems

Anyone else having the problem where you purchase Pro but its not showing/updating on the account?

Ran out of the 50 free GPT-4 and would love to continue. :weary:

Usually this happens when you’re logged into a different account from the one you used to purchase pro. To log out and login, you can go hit Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P, then type “Cursor settings.”

That said, one user just emailed us who this wasn’t solved by. Looking into a fix right now for that case.

I am also seeing the same issue, but I also have 5 pending charges from cursor on my card. Nor sure what’s going on.

@abhi11 Can you DM me the email you used to pay? Definitely want to fix this.

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i don’t understand how to DM someone on this site. Could you send me a DM or drop your email?

@abhi11 I think I found your profile and manually fixed it for you. Found the bug here and performing a systematic fix. Thank you both for reporting!

Same for you dennis.

Will send you both refunds. Incredibly sorry about this.

Refunds sent, let me know if they don’t show up in a few days

woah thanks! looks like its all sorted now I appreciate the fix and refund!

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@truell20 I have the same issue. I subscribed Pro on Aug.16, and was very happy with the experience in last month. On Sept. 17, my bank account was charged for the 2nd month fee, but so far my Cursor account is still using free user profile. Could you please have a look? Thanks!
By the way, I tried to log out /in, but no change.

What’s your email? Can you send to

Thank you. it works now. I had a few log in path, direct log in with email doesn’t work, access through Github account with same email works. I messed up. Sorry for the inconvience.

I sent mine to , same issue, upgrade failed but charged for it, great product you have there! Looking forward to recommending this to my team :laughing:

Got it. I still have 5 charges of $20 on my account and only one refund though. I also had to use my own api keys yesterday for a bunch of extra cost to me :/. Could you refund me for 3 more charges? I appreciate the quick responses though!


Found your email. Replied and refunded. Often this just has to do with people being logged into the wrong account. We’ve made some tweaks to make that harder.

Could you email Please mention that you’re @abhi11 and list your payment email. We’ll get this sorted!

Looks like the extra charges were voided - the charges were still pending when I first saw them. Appreciate the help!