Can we cancel our chatgpt4 subscription and use cursor ai for EVERYTHING?

I mean non code things… is it still the same as using chatgpt4 or different ? I would ideally like to only pay for one.

Personally I don’t see why not.

I do: economics.

Cursor pays for your GPT runs through Cursor. If everyone starts to do additional GPT runs through Cursor, that have not been considered as part of their business model, Cursor will have a bigger bill. To offset that bill they would then have to increase subscription pricing (or add other limitations).

I assume they coudl stop non coding related queries if they wanted to… or make the response bad enough so you would not use it ?

It’s hard to judge, and there may even be mistake.
Since it’s all paid for, it’s okay to use it for purposes other than coding, right?

Yes, I do that too. But to be fair ChatGPT also has other features like plugins. So it depends on what you use.