Cant update to cursor 0.9.4 on macOS arm64

“Cursor: Attempt update” does nothing for me :confused:

I’m currently on 0.9.3

Yeah, it was the same for me until right now which it got upgraded to 0.9.4

also @amanrs @truell20 I’ve seen advance codebase search on some pictures on twitter but i haven’t got that even in the latest update. what’s the problem here?

just got the update too but the chat still scrolls to bottom after GPT stops generating text

oh do you not like the behavior on there. how can we fix that behavior. presumably once you have taken over the scroll it shouldnt take over at the end. we will fix this?


@sualeh Yes, thank you! I think that would solve the problem

Another person made a post about the same thing recently: Chat Jumps to bottom when AI stops generating