Chat Jumps to bottom when AI stops generating

There is this anoying bug where as soon as the llm is done generating the chat window jumps down to the end of the line. This means I am torn out of the flow of reading and have to scroll up and find the place where I was


+1. The chat experience could be improved at bit :slight_smile:

+1, second this

Very much agree! Thank you for reporting this. We’ll have a fix out in the next release.

Would love to know other feedback on the chat if it ever comes to mind.

@truell20 word wrap works fine on normal text in chat but it splits variable/function names between lines

Would be great if handleAppend could just be shown on the next line instead of handleAp on one line and then pend on the next line (see screenshot)

Dear Developer Team,

I really love cursor, please fix this anoying bug. It is truly killing the entire experience. The screen still jumps to the bottom of the screen and I cant express how distructive this is for the user experience. PLEASE fix this bug and you will have my infinite gratitude for creating the best IDE ever!

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Just wanted to mention that this bug is still occurring to me and him:

I am using windows 10 and am currently on version 0.14.0
But still, best IDE ever!

Really annoying thing indeed!

Curious if there’s any updates by chance?


Believe this is fixed in the newest version of Cursor! Please let me know if you still see it. Sorry for the delay here.