Change Tab keybinding to accept Copilot++ suggestion

Currently, if I’m hovering over an Intellisense suggestion, but there’s also a Copilot++ inline suggestion, pressing Tab prioritizes Copilot++ over Intellisense.

I’m used to using Tab with Intellisense and a different binding for copilot suggestions. I’ve been playing around with settings and keybindings but haven’t been able to resolve it.

Is it possible to change the keybinding for accepting Copilot++ suggestion from Tab to something else?

Not as of now I assume. There has been a feature request for this. I had the same problem and had to relearn using Tab for copilot++ and another keybinding for intellicence. Now it seems fine though, as I’m using copilot++ much more often than intellicence or other quick suggestions.

See here for our decision: Copilot and intellisense: tab always triggers copilot over intellisense?

@amanrs is it functionally challenging to make them configurable because of the race condition?

From my perspective, it does add a level of friction. I’m coming over to Cursor from Webstorm/Pycharm. I used VS Code for years, but in the last year have preferred Jetbrains + Copilot over VS Code. Cursor definitely tips the scales back significantly but, as of now, I’m still using a combination of Cursor and Jetbrains. I imagine there’s a decent segment of Jetbrains users who might be looking at a similar transition because of the superior AI productivity features. The smoother you can make that transition, the better your shot at capturing a good chunk of users before Jetbrains potentially catches up.

Just my $0.02 because these are my two most often-used shortcuts.

Thanks for the feedback, it shouldn’t be terrible, but we’ll look into it.

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