Chat can't see images in chat

After adding an imamge of a design to chat and asked him to do something based on that design image, i got this response : “I’m unable to directly view or access files such as images.” (I have tried jpg, svg, and png files, none of them are working)

Is that even a feature? If so, I didn’t know it was possible.

yup. it was implemented in november 2023.

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Hi @tavig95, thank you for reporting this issue. Could I ask what were the dimensions of this image? And also, does the chat not work with any images or that specific image only?

hi there @shaoruu
sorry for the late reply. I have tried a bunch of images depinting mobile design, either simple small cards, or a complete screen for the app, and neither got me anywhere

Are you in “Interpreter Mode”? I believe Vision only works in “Normal Chat” mode. But it won’t throw any errors if you put images into an “Interpreter Mode” chat, which is misleading.