CMD + K vs CMD + R Keyboard shortcuts default

By any chance is there some kind of quick way to change the Cursor CMD + K’s to CMD + R’s and vice-versa?

CMD + K is the default for many things in VSCode.


There is a way actually! You can change workbench.action.keychord.leader.


Thanks @arvid220u ! Once I changed that I was able to switch the few Cursor commands to CMD + R instead. I think it was an odd choice to not have that be the default since CMD + K is the norm in vscode.

@tommulkins Could you share your changes to keybindings.json that achieved this?

I added the following:

    "key": "cmd+k",
    "command": "workbench.action.keychord.leader",
    "key": "cmd+r",
    "command": "aipopup.action.modal.generate"

but with that config saved, when i press cmd+k to start a keychord, I immediately see a modal pop up saying: “Go to the keyboard shortcut settings and change the value of workbench.action.keychord.leader to change the keychord leader keybinding”

Figured it out. You can’t do this directly in keybindings.json. You have to actually go to the Keybindings UI based Settings and set the workbench.action.keychord.leader to cmd+k. I then also set cmd+r to aipopup.action.modal.generate.

Here are all those changes: Switch cmd+k and cmd+r to approximate VSCode —
Those are probably all of these listed commands: Keybindings - Cursor

One funny bug is now below the integrated terminal, it no longer says “⌘K to generate a command”, but rather it says “undefined to generate a command”

hey @natemwilson - Sorry I didn’t see this until now.

I went into Keyboard Shortcuts and changed the keychord.leader from there.

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