How do I change the keychord bindings?

In VSCode, they all start with Cmd+K, but I’m not sure how to find them in Cursor

In Cursor, Cmd/Ctrl+K is used for the inline edits. We therefore changed the keychord leader key to be Cmd+R on Mac and Ctrl+M on Windows and Linux. For example, “Unfold all” is Cmd+R Cmd+J on Mac and Ctrl+M Ctrl+J on Windows and Linux.

If you’re used to the VSCode keybindings, you can change the shortcut for workbench.action.keychord.leader in the keyboard shortcut settings (Cmd+R Cmd+S or Ctrl+R Ctrl+S). This will update all keychords. For example, you can set that to Cmd+K, and then change the inline edit shortcut to something else (aipopup.action.modal.generate).